Saturday, January 24, 2015

Frosty Morning

The weather people had dire warnings last night that there would be icy rain and freezing overnight.  I woke up prepared to be stuck here until it warmed up. 


While it was cold I couldn't see any ice on the driveway. 


Lee came in from getting the paper and told me to look behind us at the trees on the neighbors property.


It seems that is was colder on their slope than ours.  The bare trees were coated with ice. 


Monday, January 19, 2015


I had my young cousins over recently.  They wanted to spend some time making cards.  I believe they wanted some for themselves and some for others. 


I got out some bits of this and that I like to use for cards and stamped a few things for them to use.  I only put out a few things as too many things are overwhelming.


I made a few cards as inspiration for them.  Not to copy but to see what I had out for them and give them a few ideas.

They made quite a few cards and went away happy. 


Now I need to make a few more and put everything away.  I have a quilt to get back to.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Murder of Crows

I was lounging around yesterday doing much of nothing.  I heard the raucous cries of many crows.  I expected it to be some passing birds and attempted to ignore it.  They kept arguing right outside.


I finally got up and looked out of the window.  There was a murder of crows in a nearby tree.  Did you know that was the term for a group of crows?

I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures through the window.  When I opened the door it startled the birds and I was able to catch them as they flew around and landed, only to take off again.  The crow version of "touch and go" for airplanes.


There were so many and they looked sort of ominous.  It was a MURDER of crows, after all.  It reminded me of the Hitchcock movie, The Birds.

And then I remembered that Rod Taylor recently passed away and was saddened anew.  He was a favorite actor of mine.


Perhaps the crows were paying homage.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Food: A Love Story


I just finished Jim Gaffigan's latest book.  It is called Food: A Love Story.  Gaffigan is a comedian known for his jokes about Hot Pockets.  If you read his previous book you know that he has five kids and lives with his wife in a two bedroom apartment in New York.  I'm sure he sold a lot of books and has enough money for a bigger apartment, but they are still there.  I can only imagine they just have no time to look.

I find Gaffigan very funny and sometimes I laughed out loud while reading Food.  That is my definition of funny.  Lots of books give me a smile.  I laugh out loud at the truly funny ones.

Gaffigan is a comedian, so that means he travels a lot.  Therefore, he is an expert on food in every state and most cities.  He also confesses to being fat and many of his jokes are about weight and food.  I don't think he is that fat, but it remains part of his act.

He even jokes that one of the best things about living in New York is the availability of food to be delivered to his apartment, so he can get food without moving.  Those are two of his favorite things.

When Weight Watchers says that nothing tastes as good as thin feels, he disagrees.  (After all, he is married to a beautiful (and thin) wife and no longer has to stress over what he weighs to get the girl.)  Many of those things end in the word cheese, like Cheddar cheese and grilled cheese.  "Even unsalted French fries taste better than thin feels."    Gaffigan believes this level of sacrifice, eating unsalted fries because it is too much work to get up and find salt,  would make him a great contestant on Survivor.

Most of the book involves riffs on what the different states feel is their finest food.  I happen to agree with him that lobster from Maine looks like a giant sea scorpion and the only reason people eat it is because it is swimming in sticks of melted butter.

He seems to not like fruit, unless it is in a pie or covered in chocolate, and he really hates vegetables. He figures people only eat vegetables in some insane effort to be healthy and he only eats them in front of his children.  A man has to be a good example, after all.  I doubt he will let them read this book, as all parental arguments on healthy eating from his wife will end up with, "Well, DAD hates vegetables, too!"

If you want some light reading and a good laugh, I would recommend this book.  If you are trying to lose weight, or you think young impressionable minds might find this book and make every mealtime an argument, save it for your next trip out of town.  It might even let you know where to get the best food for that particular city.  Or send him a message on Twitter.  I'm sure he knows.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Closed For the Winter


This is why I closed the B&B for the winter.  You don't know weeks in advance, when bookings are made, what the weather may be.

We didn't want guests to be unable to get up the drive.


And breakfast on the screened porch looks like it might be a bit nippy.


The cat doesn't seem to mind.  But he has a fur coat!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dumb Move

I got out some heartworm preventative called Heartgard for the dog.  But then I couldn't find the dog.  I put the log in a Ziploc bag and promptly forgot about it.  This morning Lee brought me the chewed up bag and plastic holder where the heartworm preventative used to be.  It seems the one or both cats ate the preventative.  Or opened the package and the dog got it from them.


I know that some medicines for dogs are toxic to cats, so I quickly searched the internet and got conflicting information.  One site said it wasn't an issue and one said to induce vomiting and get the cat to the vet. 

I quickly called our vet and got the number from the recording for the emergency vet, because it is Sunday and the vet is closed.  The emergency vet sent me to an animal poison control center that will answer questions, but it is not a free call.


During all this frantic calling the cats calmly ate their breakfast and sat around the house as usual.


They looked bored, but not sick.  Inducing vomiting, and I can't imagine that would be easy, would be a wasted effort if they had taken poison 10 hours ago.


After obtaining a credit card number and the dosage consumed, and a long wait, I was told the amount was not poisonous and not to worry. Not poisonous even if the smallest cat consumed the entire amount all by his lonesome.



So the lesson is simple.  If you get out something for the dog and he is not immediately available.  PUT IT AWAY.  I figured I would find him and feed him later.  But I forgot.  If you accidently let your cat eat the dog's Heartgard, don't panic and make him vomit.  It won't be good, but the amount won't kill a healthy cat.

That will be $39.00, please.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Crafting Help

It's winter and the B&B is closed.  Time to catch up on some crafty things.


My cousin came by with her daughter, Julia, and we set the embroidery machine to embroidering. 


Julia needed a bit of help setting up the machine. 


But not this kind of help.


Totally not helpful.